Lost to History: Sybil Ludington

Paul Revere’s got nothing on her.

Sybil Ludington statue

This 16-year-old rode almost 40 miles to warn her father’s militiamen that the British were coming. For the record, that’s over twice the distance of Paul Revere’s ride.

On April 26,1777, Sybil and her family were told that the British were going to attack Danbury, Connecticut. They needed someone to gather the militia, so Sybil got on her horse (that she trained herself, nbd) and jumped into action. She rode from 9pm until dawn in a raging thunderstorm, to tell the militia to meet at the Ludington Farm and warn the town of Danbury that the British were going to attack.

When she got back, the militia were ready to fight. Though they couldn’t save Danbury, they were able to drive the British troops back to their ships.

Sybil was congratulated by George Washington, but the only account of her ride was written by her great-grandson. She was honored with a statue in 1961 and a commemorative postage stamp in 1975, but this revolutionary hero deserves to be a household name!